Missing Classmates

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Charmaine Broadway Baker (Scherger)
Mike John Barkley
Robert P. Bauer
Timothy James Curto
Nancy Elizabeth Durand (Robblee)
Harry F. Erb
John "Jack" Fairall
Larry "Kwiatkowski" Flowers
Billie Gant
Marsha Sue Grundemann (Sales)
Curtis Lin Hamilton
Doug Hankes
Joetta Harrell
Barbara Ann Hartker (Ellsworth)
Janet "Jan" Horton (Munro Hurley)
Jack "Randy" Jaccod
Nancy Sue Johnston (Camacho)
Harold G. "Chipper" Kees
Mark A. Keily
Janet Kominek (McDougall)
William Ladwig
Ruth Ellen Miller (Rucker)
Linda Louise Morse (Hamilton)
Carol Moore Phillips (Destefano)
April Gayle Reder (Curran)
Phil M. Ritter
Jacqueline Jean Rolfes (Thomas)
Joseph Roland Scherrer
Bill (Willard) Schwein
David F. Sippel
Rita Wotring
Robert A. Zettel

Guest Members

Joshua Huiet (Nephew Of Fred Huiet)
Tim Oliver (Friend Of Jerry Balsly)
Eric Schreiber (Class Of 1966)